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That’s it, autumn is definitely here and the first cold weather is already pointing the tip of their nose. So why not take advantage of this new season to take some time for yourself and start a new beauty routine?

Oily, dry, torn skin, excessive fine lines and wrinkles… You are looking for the perfect skincare routine that meets all your criteria. This is why Box Evidence, a true expert in organic cosmetics, wanted to share with us its experience on the Celeste lifting cream and serum by Dermoplant, on sale on its e-shop.

The skincare routine

Morning or evening, it is important to take care of your skin with quality products!

When you wake up, preparing your skin well to face the day is essential. The first step to adopt is to cleanse your face with a lotion or a mild soap. You can then use a tonic lotion to refine skin texture and tighten pores (this is not a mandatory step).

Once the face is clean and dry, then apply the Céleste lifting serum, which reinforces the effectiveness of the cream while preparing the epidermis to receive the treatments. Finally, the crucial step in this skincare routine: hydration. Nourish and deeply hydrate your skin with the Celeste lifting cream.

And there you have it, clean, well-hydrated skin, ready to be made up!

In the evening, cleanse your skin to remove make-up and all the impurities of the day. Once or twice a week, use a gentle exfoliant to deeply remove dead cells. Then apply the lifting serum, then let it act all night.

I tested dermoplant care - I tested dermoplant care...

The Celestial Lifting Serum

I personally have a rather particular skin texture. Very sensitive, I can’t afford to put everything and anything on it, otherwise, hello redness!
I had no problems with the Dermoplant serum. Without allergens, it is composed of 99.4% ingredients of natural origin. What to be reassured! It is highly enriched with:

– Hyaluronic acid, which contributes to the reduction of wrinkles
– Aloe Vera, intensely hydrates the skin
– Hibiscus extract, moisturizing and lifting effects
– Argan oil, helps fight against skin aging

I was quite amazed by this serum, since it only took me a few applications to already notice changes on my skin. Small marks are reduced, as are fine lines and wrinkles.
Its gel texture is light and very pleasant to apply and leaves a soft effect on my face. It also has a subtle smell that is not disgusting. Its high concentration of active ingredients protects the skin from the effects of time and external aggressions.

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Celestial Lifting Cream

Let’s now move on to the Céleste lifting cream to be used in combination with the serum of the same name. With the change of season, my skin is particularly dry at the moment. Good surprise, I immediately felt the difference with the use of this cream! I apply it after my serum, and I really feel that my skin is more supple and plumped up.

Its formulation is mainly composed of the same active ingredients as the serum. Have been added: apricot kernel oilwhich promotes cell renewal; sweet almond oilwhich reinforces the suppleness of the skin and Shea Butterknown for its intense moisturizing effect.

Its rapid penetration is very appreciable. No need to wait long minutes before applying makeup! There is no non-greasy finish and it does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin.
This cream is composed of 99.58% ingredients of natural origin. It is 0% paraben, silicones, GMOs and without ingredients of animal origin.

I am delighted to use this serum + cream combo which has completely entered into my daily skincare routine. I have already noticed real changes in my skin in just a few weeks of use.

At Box Evidence we offer products that respect the environment and respect your body. To choose the most suitable care, you can choose to fill in your beauty profile on your Box Evidence space in order to receive at home organic cosmetics adapted to your needs and desires. In the same spirit, you can seek advice from the Dermoplant teams and obtain a diagnosis in order to find the products best suited to your skin.


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